Deathly Hallows Nail Art

I recently went to London to see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Parts One and Two. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, and having had my tickets for almost a year, I couldn’t wait!

Of course, I had to have Harry Potter themed nails, so I used OPI – You’re So Vain-illa as a base, and then added Nails Inc Marylebone Mews and Models Own Nike Glow HyperGel with cling film (saran wrap) to create a parchment effect. I then added some newspaper print, and on my ring finger, the deathly hallows sign on my ring finger.


I stayed at The Rathbone Hotel, which was 10 minutes walk from Shaftesbury Avenue, and the room had a view of the BT Tower. Does anyone else feel super posh when they stay in a hotel where you get slippers and a dressing gown?!


For me, Cursed Child was incredible. I chose not to read the book, and although the plot itself wasn’t the greatest, overall I loved it. It was fun, the actors were fantastic, and the effects and surprises truly were magical. I wouldn’t hesitate to go and see it again if I got the chance in the future. #keepthesecrets


Lyndsey 🙂





Friction Free Shaving Review

Who else hates paying £15+ for a few razor blades? Or having your legs cut to ribbons with cheap disposables? Last month I discovered Friction Free Shaving, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been signed up before now.

Friction Free Shaving is a women’s razor subscription service. From £5 a month you receive a high quality handle with you first box, and four blades, allowing you to replace your blades every week, giving you the most hygienic, smoothest shave possible, without requiring you to take out a bank loan.

I chose the Frankie razor, a three blade with a pink handle, and as I only shave a couple of times a week, I chose the bi-monthly option. £5 every couple of months for four brand new blades? Bargain!

I’m onto my second blade, and I’ve had a lovely smooth shave each time, with no irritation at all. My legs would usually be covered in razor bumps but since switching this hasn’t happened at all.

Sign up at FFS and enter the code Z0QGBM for 30% off your first box!

Also, as you can see I have been away from blogging for a couple of years! I’m trying to get back into it so hopefully you will see more posts from me soon!

Lyndsey 🙂

Gelibility Review – Day 8

I’ve been testing out Gelibility for just over a week now, and I’ve been very impressed. I wouldn’t say I’ve been taking it easy, I’m in the process of a massive declutter, so there’s been a lot of cleaning (I wore gloves when washing up or using any chemicals) moving heavy objects etc, and I also go to the gym three times a week and do weight training.

As you can see, apart from nail growth, there’s no major chips or anything, just some slight tip wear.

I did take a very small chip out of my right thumb, I bent my thumbnail back moving a box – ouch! I was amazed I didn’t do more damage!



My only issue is that I’ve now had the same mani for 8 days and it’s driving me crazy!

Lyndsey 🙂

Gelibility Review – Day 1

I bought the Gelibilty duo from Rainbow Connection not long before Christmas, but with Christmas nail art, I’ve only just got the chance to test it out! As a nail technician just starting out with a mobile business, the cost of gel polish is very expensive, even at trade prices, on top of all the other equipment, it wasn’t something I wanted to buy a lot of, when I have around 500 bottles of normal nail polish! I saw a review of Gelibility, and I was very excited when Rainbow Connection stocked it! I think it is perfect for nail techs who already have a large polish collection, especially having indie brands, being able to turn them into a gel is fantastic.

I’m not a huge fan of gel manicures myself, I like to change my nails too often, I would probably only use it for holidays or something where I wouldn’t have the time/opportunity to change my nails. I’ll be testing out Gelibility for 2 weeks to see how well it lasts for me.

It’s very easy to use, you apply the bonder first, cure it, then remove the tacky layer. You then mix equal parts of the polish you want to use with the soak off gel, apply that to the nails as normal, cure, and repeat if necessary. You then add the soak off gel as a top coat, cure, and remove the tacky layer, done!

I used Models Own Lilac Dream, and W7 Cosmic Purple, both have three coats.



Have you tried Gelibility? What do you think about it?

Lyndsey 🙂

Goodbye 2014…

Seeing as I’m not doing anything for New Years Eve tonight (I have to be up at 6am for an away trip to Manchester City!) I thought I’d write a bit about my year.

As some of you might know, my dad passed away in November 2013, two years after my mam passed away, so although the start of the year was pretty tough, I’d like to think my dad had a hand in how brilliant 2014 has been.

2014 was my 10th year supporting Sunderland, and was by far the best!

We went into January bottom of the league, having been bottom at Christmas, and only one team had survived relegation before after being bottom at Christmas, but as D:Ream, and the adopted Sunderland chant would say, things can only get better!

In December, we’d beaten Chelsea 2-1 in the Capital One Cup, meaning in January we faced Manchester United in the semi finals. The semi finals! Even just reaching that was an achievement given how bad our league form had been. The first leg was at home on a cold Tuesday night, where we won 2-1, thanks to an own goal from Ryan Giggs, and a Fabio Borini penalty.

The away leg was on January 22, and has to be one of the most stressful and draining football games I have ever been to! Ex Sunderland player Jonny Evans started the scoring, bringing it to 2-2 on aggregate, until former Manchester United player Phil Bardsley scored deep into the second half of extra time, 1-1 on the night, and Sunderland through 2-3 on aggregate. However, being Sunderland, we don’t do things the easy way, and Javier Hernandez scored in the dying seconds. 3-3. I thought that was the game over, I’d totally lost track through all the drama, and thought United had won in until one of my friends pointed out it was penalties. I only have bad memories of Sunderland and penalty shoot outs, so I was dreading it, but after some heroics from Vito Mannone, Sunderland won 1-2 on penalties, and were off to WEMBLEY! 9,000 Sunderland fans going absolutely crazy at Old Trafford! We booked our trains and hotel on the way home, and I literally didn’t stop grinning the whole journey!

February 1, and an away trip to St James’ Park for the second Tyne Wear derby of the season. We went into this game having won the previous two derbies, the one at St James’ we’d won 0-3, and was the first time I’d seen Sunderland win there. Amazingly, once again despite how poor we’d been doing in the league, we managed to win 0-3! Three in a row! Of course this was the game that caused mass riots throughout Newcastle City Centre, including the unforgettable scenes of a man punching a horse – poor Bud!

March brought one of the best weekends of my life. A trip to London and Wembley. We had decided to go down on the Saturday, and come home on the Monday. We were staying in an apartment in Greenwich, with amazing views over London.

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On the Saturday night, we knew there was going to be a party in Covent Garden, so we headed down and it was crazy! A few thousand Sunderland fans singing in the streets, tourists had no idea what was happening, we met up with one of my friends, George, and we were having a few drinks with him and a few other North East journalists when former Sunderland player, chairman, caretaker manager and general legend Niall Quinn turned up. George is good friends with Niall, so we were lucky enough to be invited up to the flat above the pub where Niall was, and we were able to stay and chat with him and his family for a good few hours. He even insisted I had a couple of glasses of champagne, even though I was already a little bit tipsy! It was a pretty amazing night, one I definitely won’t forget!


Sunday we headed to Wembley, with a mixture of nerves and excitement. I was lucky enough to have visited Wembley before with my dad, and England game against Germany, which Germany won 2-1, but I couldn’t help feeling sad that my dad wasn’t there with me. He’d seen Sunderland at the old Wembley a few times, but never at the new Wembley, and I’d never seen us there.

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The atmosphere was incredible, 30,000 Sunderland fans singing their hearts out. Even thinking about it now it gives me goosebumps! Fabio Borini scored the first goal of the game in the 11th minute, and the place went wild! I watch a lot of games of football, and not many fans go as crazy as ours do when we score, you end up hugging random strangers! I always end up with a lot of bruises caused my celebrations!

Unfortunately we went on to lose 3-1, which I don’t think reflected the game, but nevertheless, I was incredibly proud to support Sunderland that day, even though I was a little heartbroken. Maybe one day we’ll get back there again.

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The game after the cup final, we had the chance to book a spot at Wembley again for the FA Cup semi finals, but a very disappointing game at Hull and a 3-0 defeat left us with the league to concentrate on.

At the end of March, it still looked very likely that we’d be getting relegated, with 8 games left, against teams like Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United. Staying up seemed impossible.

However, something changed mid-April, a 2-2 draw with Manchester City away, where victory was snatched away from us with a couple of minutes remaining when the ball rolled under Vito Mannone. A tough trip to Stamford Bridge followed, Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, who had never lost a game at home.

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Incredibly we managed to win 1-2, with a Fabio Borini penalty ending Jose Mourinho’s 78 game unbeaten run.

We won our next game 4-0 against Cardiff, and climbed out of the relegation zone, albeit on goal difference alone.

May, three games left, starting with an away trip to Manchester United, where a Seb Larsson goal ensured our first league win at Old Trafford since 1968, and left us three points clear of the relegation zone. We followed this up with a 2-0 victory at home to West Brom, and secured safety. Unfortunately we lost the last game of the season, but thankfully it didn’t matter. Gus Poyet had pulled off the great escape!

Miracles happen, Gus!

This season hasn’t been quite as exciting yet, but Adam Johnson gave all us Sunderland supporters the best Christmas present when he scored in the dying minutes at St James’ Park to take our derby victories to four in a row!


Thank you Sunderland for giving me a fantastic 2014!


Happy New Year everyone!

Lyndsey 🙂

Christmas Decals

I know I’m a week late with this, but never mind, better late than never!

I got these cute water decals from Born Pretty, and decided to save them for my main Christmas nails.

I started with a snowy looking base, using Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens and Models Own White Light HyperGel.




I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


Lyndsey 🙂

Christmas Jumper Stamping

I got this stamp in my recent order from Born Pretty. I’m not brilliant at stamping, but I decided to give it a go and I was really happy with how it turned out! The only issue I really had was stamping the design on straight!

I’d also wanted something red and white, as it was the first Tyne Wear derby of the season on Sunday, which Adam Johnson nicked in the last few minutes to give Sunderland the 0-1 win, meaning we’ve now won four games in a row against Newcastle! It would be nice to make it five in April, but Adam Johnson has certainly given us all a fantastic Christmas present!

I used piCture pOlish Monroe as a base, and the white Konad special polish to stamp.





Lyndsey 🙂

Elf Nails

I have had an absolute disaster with my nails this month, I managed to break 3 at once shutting my car boot at the start of the month! They’d just got back to an acceptable length for some Christmas nail art over the last week or so, and then I broke another yesterday, on my car boot again!

I’ve also been so busy trying to get everything sorted for Christmas of course!

Last week I had Elf nails, my inspiration was a Pinterest pin, by Adelis Lebron. I kept the design pretty much the same, but decided to do a glitter placement tree, with a star stud.

I used Models Own White Light HyperGel and Nails Inc Notting Hill Carnival and Seven Dials.




Lyndsey 🙂

Dress Your Nails

A couple of weeks ago, Jessica from Quiz Clothing contacted me about a nail art competition they were running, which involved designing some nail art based on one of their dresses.

I originally chose the Navy Sequin Zig Zag Split Maxi Dress, which I think is gorgeous, but my first attempt, the glitter was too dark and didn’t stand out against the base, and my second attempt the striping tape was against me, so I scrapped that one, and started again!

I decided on the Pink and Blue Flower Print Crepe Midi Dress, and used Nails Inc Sugarloaf Sunset, Kensington Park Road, and Models Own In The Navy.





Make sure you check out Quiz Clothing if you’d like to enter, the competition closes November 30.

Lyndsey 🙂