Dangerous Affair

Day 2 of the Mini Mani Month, a day late due to spending most of yesterday on a bus, I quickly opened the door of the advent calender, then it was off to Norwich (more about that later.)

So, behind the second door, was Dangerous Affair. I didn’t look too closely at it when I opened it, and in my sleepy state I thought it was more of a red-brown colour, but when I looked properly, it’s a deep raspberry red. I’m not a massive fan of bright reds, so this is a great shade for me.

The pictures show two coats without top coat, and the polish applied really well, and dried quickly.

photo 1

photo 4

photo 2


Back to yesterday, which started with a 3.45am alarm after getting very little sleep, I left the house around 5.30, and our bus left at 6.15. We then wasted almost an hour going around different villages picking people up. Our usual supporters branch didn’t have a bus on, so we were with a different branch, and to me, a branch should have 2-3 pick ups, max. Not 6-7 like they did. It was a nightmare. On the way home was even worse, it was like being on a service bus. Dropping one person off, then dropping someone else off another 20 yards down the road. When you’ve been on a bus for nearly 6 hours and its midnight, the last thing you want is another hour added to your journey going down back rounds and around little villages. We won’t be going with that branch again, that’s for sure! Nice people, but that was just a nightmare. Rant over.

Once we (eventually) arrived in Norwich, we stopped off at The Fat Cat pub a couple of miles from the ground, for about two hours. A really nice pub, friendly locals, and some very bizarre real ales. My dad was drinking something called Bitburger. Sadly just Diet Coke for me!

We made the short journey to Carrow Road, and I had to have a quick look in the club shop, to pick up a couple of things for a friends work colleagues Christmas present. I always like to see what other clubs sell (which is a little weird, I know, but I like to compare with what Sunderland have) and Norwich sell one of the most random things I’ve seen at a football club, a Rubik’s cube!

Once inside the stadium, we got to have a quick chat with a friend from Sweden, who travels over to see as many games as he can, and I also met a girl named Claire, who was from California! Although she was studying in Cambridge, so she didn’t have too far to go!  That’s one of my favourite things about football, especially away games, meeting lots of new people from all over the place, whether it’s in person or through twitter.

It was also my first visit to Carrow Road, making it the 38th football stadium I’ve been to, which means I’ll hit 40 this season, as I haven’t been to Reading or Southampton before.

photo 3

The first half of the game was very disappointing, Sunderland were very poor, and went 2-0 down, until somehow,Craig Gardner managed to nick a goal back just before half time. The second half was like watching a totally different team, massively improved, and in the end, I have no idea how we didn’t get an equaliser. If only the team that came out in the second half had come out in the first half too. But, we have Chelsea next week, so nothing much to worry about there…

photo 5

Lyndsey 🙂

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