This is definitely one of my favourite nail polishes now! Hedonist is part of Model’s Own’s HedKandi collection, and is a neon coral/orange, with a matte finish, but the next day the matte effect seemed to have worn off, and the polish was more glossy. I only needed one coat, but it was quite thick, so my pictures show two coats, as it was quite messy! It dried really quick too.





My photos don’t do this polish justice, it’s so bright! I found that if you look at your screen from a different angle, or tip your screen back slightly, you can see a bit more of the neon effect! I’m not a huge fan of matte polishes, but I love this. If you like bright colours I’d definitely recommend this, I don’t think they come any brighter!

Onto football, I now have a couple of empty months with no games to go to 🙁 today was quite a strange game! Sunderland v Manchester United, with us getting beat off United, and with five minutes to go, Manchester City getting beat off QPR, United fans celebrating, people getting ready to come out and build the stand for the trophy presentation, our game had finished, and with City at 2-2 the reaction at the final whistle was strange, no cheering from either fans, just everyone waiting on the news from the Etihad. Then City scored! Within a couple of minutes the United fans had gone from being over the moon to devastated and streaming out of the stadium!

So congratulations to Manchester City, it’s nice to see someone else winning the league, especially when City have been rather similar to Sunderland over the years, spending a lot of time being relegated and promoted. Now I’m just waiting for a sheik to come and buy Sunderland so we can win the league ha! 😉

Lyndsey 🙂

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