Boo Boo Fluff

Textured nails are big right now, and have been seen all over at NYFW. There’s leather, concrete, liquid sand, velvet, sequins, and caviar, so when I spotted the ‘fur effect nails’ at Superdrug recently, I decided to give it a go and bought Boo Boo Fluff, and Fluffy Bobbin.

Boo Boo Fluff is a bright cyan, so I started off with two coats of Kensington Park Road, then once I’d let that dry, added with the ‘fur,’ although like the names, its more fluff, so I’m going with fluff!. Please excuse the IKEA instructions, I didn’t want fluff everywhere and that’s the best thing I had!


After putting a layer of top coat on, I dipped my nail in the fluff and rolled it from one side to the other. This left a big clumpy mess on my nail, I used a fantail brush to gently brush off the excess (the tub says to blow, but it would have gone everywhere!)


And this is the finished result! It looked a lot better than I was expecting. My only problem was the feel of it! I didn’t mind touching it, but it was if my nails touched another material, my clothes, bedding etc, I hated it! I get the same feeling if I think about biting cotton wool. Eurgh! But apart from that I actually liked how it looked. 

photo 13

I expected it to come off as soon as I got my hands wet, but it didn’t, and I found it dried really quickly, if you pressed the towel on the nails.

MUA Fur Effect Nails are available at Superdrug, and are currently on promotion, 2 for £4.

Would you try fur effect nails? What is your favourite textured nail trend?

Lyndsey 🙂

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