Prom Queen

Once again I’m a day late! Yesterday, I was out shopping all day in Newcastle, and at the Metro Centre, so I didn’t have time to try out yesterday’s Mini Mani Month polish. Behind door 4 was the first caviar blend, Prom Queen, which is a mixture of pink, blue and silver pearls, and pink and silver glitter.

photo 1

photo 3

I’ve wanted to try out a caviar manicure for a while, to see how easy it was, how it looked and how well it lasted.


 You start off painting your nails how you’d like, I chose Nails Inc Brompton Place, and for my accent finger where I’d be using the caviar pearls, Models Own Snow White

photo 2s

After you’ve painted the second coat on your desired nail, you sprinkle the pearls on the nail (over some sort of tray/bowl to catch the rest), and once your nail is covered you gently press down so that the pearls stick in to the polish. I did this on the carpet with the lid from a tupperwear box. It wasn’t as messy as I expected, but a few pearls did bounce off onto the carpet, which I found was down to me pouring it a bit too fast and high.

photo 4

Once you’re done with the pearls, you use the funnel provided to tip the unused pearls back into the pot. I did have a slight problem with this, as a lot of the glitter didn’t want to go back into the pot!

photo 5

 You then seal the manicure with a bit of top coat around the tip of the nail.

 photo 2

Overall, I do like how it looks (I’m not a big fan of the odd pieces of glitter in the blend) and it was really easy to do, but I’m not sure how long it’s going to last. I did this around an hour a go, and I’ve already lost a few pearls, so I can’t see it surviving a shower, or the washing up!

Has anyone else tried a caviar manicure? Do you have any tips for how to make it last?

Lyndsey 🙂

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