Being In The Pink

I absolutely love the Polished by KPT thermals, and Being In The Pink is my favourite so far! I love that it transitions between two completely different colours, compared to the others that I own (other than Blood As Thick As Gold which I’m yet to swatch.)

Being In The Pink has a scattered holo, and when warm is a hot pink, changing to a deep purple when cold. The formula was a little thick, so I used a few drops of polish thinner, but I’d much rather a polish was too thick than too thin! I particularly loved this polish when washing my hands in places (if they had no hot water!) because then the heat of the warm hand dryers made some pretty patterns on my nails whilst my hands were drying! (I’m very easily amused!)  My pictures show three coats with one coat of HK Girl.




DSCN5298 DSCN5302





Polished by KPT is available at Rainbow Connection.

Lyndsey 🙂

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