Glitter Polish Removal

I’m a huge fan of glitter nail polish, but until I discovered this removal method, I hated wearing it because it took forever to get off. Anyone who’s used glitter polish will know this problem, scrubbing it off, ending up with cotton wool all stuck to your finger nails, and even trying to chip it off, leaving nails in a horrible state. Then, I found the foil method! This was an absolute saviour, and as I had some glitter polish to remove, I thought I’d write a quick blog to pass on the method. Everyone should know this! Whoever first thought of it is a GENIUS.

All you need is your nail polish remover, cotton balls (I use cotton pads cut into quarters) and some aluminium foil.


Simply soak the cotton wool in nail polish remover, place it over your nail and wrap a piece of foil around it.


Leave them on for 5-15 minutes, depending on how much glitter you have, then pull them off, and voilà, glitter free nails! Sometimes you can be left with a few bits of glitter remaining, but these are easy to get off. You do feel a little silly sat like this, but it definitely beats scrubbing!

Lyndsey 🙂

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