Lower Sloane Street

In September, I renewed my Nails Inc VIP membership,  and Lower Sloane Street was the free polish I received. I was originally going to do some nail art with it, which didn’t turn out how I planned, but I decided to keep the colour on anyway.

Lower Sloane Street is part of Nails Inc’s A Lister collection, and is a creamy toffee colour – it reminded me of Werther’s Originals! The formula of the polish was really nice with a glossy finish, and the pictures show two coats.

I couldn’t resist adding Electric Lane over the top (my new favourite thing!)

On Friday, Nails Inc had another of their ‘lucky dip’ offers, 6 random polishes for £15 (usually £11 each, so £66!) and I couldn’t resist the offer, although after reading comments from Nails Inc’s facebook page, a lot of people have received exactly the same as last time. I hope this isn’t the case with mine or I’ll be very disappointed, and will be returning it.

Lyndsey 🙂

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