Nails Inc Lucky Dip

Over the last week I’ve spent a lot of time sorting out my garden, we cleaned all the paths, garden wall and patio with the pressure washer (my new favourite thing, everything looks brand new!) and I’ve been potting some new flowers and sorting out some containers ready to grow herbs. There’s still a lot to get done but I love how everything looks so far!

Taking a break from the hard work allowed me to swatch my latest Nails Inc lucky dip, and with the weather being nice for once, I took everything outside. This created a few problems, mainly the wispy bits of hair that I can’t tie back being blown onto my wet nails!


Dovehouse Street is a pretty iridescent top coat, a nude base with a blue shimmer. It reminded me of Ciate’s Halo. Pictures show two coats with no top coat.



Porchester Place is an orange creme, perfect for sunny days! I didn’t think I’d like this in the bottle, but I was pleasantly surprised. The formula wasn’t great, a little thick, and streaky, but it evened out after three coats. Pictures show three coats with no top coat.



Seymour Walk is a hot pink creme, possibly my favourite from the lucky dip. The formula was the same as Porchester Place and needed three coats to even out. Pictures show three coats with no top coat.



Farringdon Crackle Topcoat is definitely my least favourite. A gold shimmer crackle top coat. I had no idea what colour to use with this, so I went for Barry M’s Greenberry. I’m not a huge fan of crackle top coats, it might have looked better over a darker colour. Pictures show one coat with no top coat.



Park Lane is a pretty silvery purple glitter in a clear base. One coat was quite sparse but it built up well to full coverage with 3 coats. I think I would prefer to use it as a top coat glitter. Pictures show three coats with no top coat.



Bruton Mews is the odd one out in the lucky dip. A deep forest green, similar to Madison Avenue from a previous lucky dip. Pictures show two coats with no top coat.



Hammersmith was a polish I already owned, but even though this is my fourth lucky dip, this is only the second polish I’ve doubled up on. Hammersmith is a teal glitter, with a mixture of green, blue and silver glitter in a clear base, and it reached opacity with two coats. Pictures show two coats with no top coat.



Overall, I’m very happy with the lucky dip, its definitely been one of the best I’ve received. I like that they’ve added an extra polish (there was 6 in the previous lucky dips) for an extra £3. Who doesn’t want £77’s worth of nail polish for £18?! I think they only thing that bugs me about Nails Inc is their delivery charges (£3.95), you have to spend £40 before receiving free delivery, so if you only wanted one polish I’d recommend going somewhere like beautybay.

Did you get a lucky dip this time?

Lyndsey 🙂

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