Polish Storage

So much for catching up on posts! I’m blaming Bones again, possibly because I’m now a little bit in love with Booth! Anyway, I’ve been looking at polish storage ideas for a while, and what would suit me best. Up until now, they’ve all been in a compartmented drawer in my IKEA PAX wardrobe, but I’d ran out of space, so I needed a solution. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers who have great wall racks, but I can’t seem to find any in the UK, not nice ones anyway. And of course there’s Leslie at work / play / polish, who has the amazing ‘Mani Cave‘ which is possibly the best room ever, but again, not suitable for me. The other storage I’ve seen used by a lot of fellow polish addicts is the IKEA Helmer, which, for £25, was a great solution. It’s not too big, but holds a lot of polish.

I’ve become quite handy at building furniture, a table and chairs, a desk, a bookcase, but the Helmer seemed more complicated, coming in about 50 pieces! Thankfully, once I worked out which bit was which, and which bit went where, it was fairly straightforward. I decided not to put the castors on (mainly because I couldn’t screw them in by hand and I don’t have a drill…) but I thought it would be more stable without them.

Before; the drawer in my PAX wardrobe


After; my finished Helmer! I decided to use it as my bedside table, so it has all my essentials on top. I also lined the drawers with some none slip liners, to stop the bottles sliding around.


Drawer one; cotton wool and cotton buds, nail polish remover, top and base coats, hand cream, dotting tools, nail art pens etc


Drawer two; Models Own and Ciate´


Drawer three; Nails Inc


Drawer four; Barry M


Drawer five; All other brands, Butter London, Revlon, Rimmel, elf, Colour Club, Topshop etc


Drawer 6, glitters, nail wheels, mixing palette, striping tape etc


Overall, I’m over the moon with my Helmer. I expected it to be bigger before I saw it in IKEA, but it’s the perfect size. The width of it means I could add another next to it, for make up and other things (and for if my polish collection outgrows the first Helmer!)

I also picked up these vases from IKEA, which I filled with sand from Hobbycraft (I need another jar but they only had one pink one left) for my make up and nail art brushes.


How do you store your polish?

Lyndsey 🙂

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