Smarty Pants

I spotted this on a trip to ASDA Living, I didn’t even know ASDA had their own range of cosmetics! So obviously I couldn’t resist picking up a bottle (or 3!) as they were only £1.75 each.

Smarty Pants is a lovely colour, a creamy mint green, in the bottle it does have a slight shimmer, but this doesn’t really show on the nail.

It was pretty bad application wise though, the same problem I had with OPI’s Pink Friday, the first two coats were very streaky and uneven, but a third coat solved this problem 🙂




As you can see I did chip my index finger, but I didn’t have time to repaint the whole nail, so I just had to fill in it the best I could.

Smarty Pants does remind me of Nails Inc‘s Haymarket, but I can’t compare properly has I don’t have this one.

I’m waiting on UPS again, to bring my new camera (which I’ve had so much hassle trying to get!) and I’ve got my fingers crossed they get here before 4, as I have to go to the opticians soon after that!

Lyndsey 🙂

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