Sweets Way Sprinkles

Firstly, a quick update on the ‘weak, peeling, bendy nails’ solution kit from Nails Inc. I’ve been using the Hyde Park base coat since I got it 4 days ago, both as a base coat, and on its own, and when I’m wearing it my nails definitely feel stronger. Without it they’re a lot easier to bend, so it’s an improvement, hopefully the condition of my nails will continue to get better, I’ve taken much better care of my nails since starting my blog (apart from constantly wearing polish!)

Sweets Way Sprinkles was part of my last Nails Inc order, I’ve wanted to try one for a while so their bank holiday discount was a great excuse to get one. There’s 4 polishes in the Sprinkles collection, which was launched in June, Pudding Lane, Sugar House Lane, Sweets Way and Topping Lane. The Sprinkles collection is perfect if you like glitter, but don’t want an over the top, in your face glitter.  Sweets Way is a creamy baby blue polish, with blue, silver and pink glitter. Nails Inc says ‘Sweets Way Sprinkles features an innovative and unique formulation which provides full coverage in just 2 coats’ however I would disagree with that, as I felt I needed 3 coats, at 2 I could still see my nail. Nails Inc also say  ‘Sprinkles polish allows you to create your dream sparkling manicure which would’ve previously taken two or more polishes to achieve.’ This I’d agree with, I’ve seen a lot of ‘jelly sandwich’ manicures recently, and this polish has that effect in one bottle.

The application was good, and there was no problem with the glitter, it didn’t need to be moved round to fill bald patches, it was a nice even coverage. I love this polish, only problem is now I want to try out the other three!




With all this talk of sprinkles, I’ve got a craving for cupcakes! I think I’ll have to make some tomorrow! Has anyone else tried any of the Sprinkles collection?

Lyndsey 🙂

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