The Impossible

Apologies for not posting for a while! Last weekend I listed 100 things on eBay, which took up most of the weekend, then when I did want to take off my nail polish, I had a big paper cut right next to my cuticle! There was no chance I was going anywhere near it with nail polish remover until it had healed! So whilst I was waiting, I got myself some swatch sticks and a label maker, and made a start on them. I’ve done 100, but I still have nearly 200 to go!

On to my nails, I got The Impossible (from the Mariah Carey Collection) a few months ago when it was on sale at ASOS, I love the other two OPI liquid sand polishes I’ve tried (Solitaire and Get Your Number) and The Impossible was no different. It’s a lovely pinky red jelly base, with hex glitter and star glitter (I discovered it had star glitter after my swatches, so they’re obviously quite hard to fish out!) The formula was great, and I only needed two coats. It was also around 4 days before there was any major chipping.





Lyndsey 🙂

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