Christmas Jumper Stamping

I got this stamp in my recent order from Born Pretty. I’m not brilliant at stamping, but I decided to give it a go and I was really happy with how it turned out! The only issue I really had was stamping the design on straight!

I’d also wanted something red and white, as it was the first Tyne Wear derby of the season on Sunday, which Adam Johnson nicked in the last few minutes to give Sunderland the 0-1 win, meaning we’ve now won four games in a row against Newcastle! It would be nice to make it five in April, but Adam Johnson has certainly given us all a fantastic Christmas present!

I used piCture pOlish Monroe as a base, and the white Konad special polish to stamp.





Lyndsey 🙂


This was the first piCture pOlish I bought from Rainbow Connection a couple of months ago. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll probably know that I love blues, and I’m not a big fan of reds, so I surprised myself a little when I decided to order Monroe! But I’m so glad I did!

Monroe is a deep blood red jelly base, with a scattered holo, and I bloody love it!

My pictures show three coats, with no top coat.




I’ve absolutely loves the 4 piCture pOlish’s I’ve tried so far, and definitely wouldn’t hesitate to try more, there’s some amazing colours!

Lyndsey 🙂


You can’t possibly get Aurora without getting Borealis too, right? Borealis is another of the piCture pOlish LE shades, and was limited to 400 bottles. I was lucky enough to grab one when they went on sale on Rainbow Connection, with a lot of refreshing pages, I managed to get the 3 shades I wanted within about 30 seconds!

Borealis shifts between blue, purple, bronze and a hint of pink (and was very hard to photograph!)

My pictures show two coats over two coats of Nails Inc New York Noir, with no top coat.





Lyndsey 🙂