Royal Arcade Nail Jewellery

As I mentioned in my last blog, I was tempted into buying three new Nails Inc polishes whilst I was in London. The Nails Inc assistant asked what colours I liked, and I said blue was one of my favourites, particularly Baker Street, and she suggested Royal Arcade Nail Jewellery. Before I went to London, I quickly tried out Diamond Arcade Nail Jewellery on my toes, and loved it, so I didn’t need much persuading! Nail Jewellery is described as ‘Nail polish that adorns your nails like jewels. The ultimate nail accessory to add sparkle to any outfit. This revolutionary formula has been created with hand cut particles creating faceted fragments that dazzle like precious stones. Who needs diamonds when you can have nail jewellery?’ So once I got home, I tried out out over Baker Street, and here’s how it looked;




I wish the pictures showed just how sparkly this was, it was so pretty! The lady at Nails Inc also suggested trying it over Kensington Park Road, so I’ll definitely be trying that out too, and experimenting with other combinations. Have you tried any of the Nail Jewellery collection?

I also mentioned in my last blog that I had a visit to Victoria’s Secret whilst I was in London, here’s what I bought;








As you can see I love the PINK range! The jogging bottoms and the hoody are so cosy. I could have bought the whole shop! I have my fingers crossed that they’ll either have an online shop in the UK, or roll out more stores, hopefully with one in the Metro Centre!

Lyndsey 🙂

Paint Your Pinkie Pink

Hi everyone! I’ve had such a busy couple of weeks I haven’t found time to write a blog! If you read my last blog, you’d know I recently spent three days in London, then when I got home, I was back for two days, then back to London for West Ham v Sunderland! I’ve also been getting back to the gym, and last night I was on the road again, down to Milton Keynes for MK Dons v Sunderland. Busy bee!
I had a great time in London, even though I was exhausted from walking around so much! I was a bit gutted when my camera decided not to work when we went on the London Eye though. Here are a couple of pictures from when I was there.

One of things we did first was go to Selfridges, where the Nails Inc team were painting pinkies pink for Breast Cancer Campaign, so me and my friend Michael (doesn’t he looked thrilled?) had ours painted. They also convinced me to buy some nail polish (not that it takes much convincing) but they had a 3 for £22 offer on, and Nails Inc polishes are usually £11 each. They were the only polishes I bought in London though, so I think I did well!




We also had a trip to the Tower of London, my favourite part had to be The Crown Jewels, as they say, diamonds are a girls’ best friend!


One of my favourite things was Ripley’s Believe it or Not, so much fun, although a lot of things seemed to make me jump! My hair glowed in the UV light in the Black Hole!


I didn’t get great pictures on the London Eye, but this was one of the best my phone took.


I think my highlight of London had to be Victoria’s Secret. I’m so happy they’ve finally opened a store in the UK, and the one in Bond Street is amazing. I’d been after some of the PINK range for a long time, but never wanted to order from the US in case customs charges ended up being as much as what I bought! I’m hoping they’ll have a UK website at some point. I’ll post pictures of what I bought over the next few days, now I have a bit more free time!

Lyndsey 🙂