Gelibility Review – Day 1

I bought the Gelibilty duo from Rainbow Connection not long before Christmas, but with Christmas nail art, I’ve only just got the chance to test it out! As a nail technician just starting out with a mobile business, the cost of gel polish is very expensive, even at trade prices, on top of all the other equipment, it wasn’t something I wanted to buy a lot of, when I have around 500 bottles of normal nail polish! I saw a review of Gelibility, and I was very excited when Rainbow Connection stocked it! I think it is perfect for nail techs who already have a large polish collection, especially having indie brands, being able to turn them into a gel is fantastic.

I’m not a huge fan of gel manicures myself, I like to change my nails too often, I would probably only use it for holidays or something where I wouldn’t have the time/opportunity to change my nails. I’ll be testing out Gelibility for 2 weeks to see how well it lasts for me.

It’s very easy to use, you apply the bonder first, cure it, then remove the tacky layer. You then mix equal parts of the polish you want to use with the soak off gel, apply that to the nails as normal, cure, and repeat if necessary. You then add the soak off gel as a top coat, cure, and remove the tacky layer, done!

I used Models Own Lilac Dream, and W7 Cosmic Purple, both have three coats.



Have you tried Gelibility? What do you think about it?

Lyndsey 🙂

Lava Flow

More of a creative name from W7 for this polish! I saw this on another blog a few months ago and loved it, Lava Flow is a white based polish with black and red matte glitter, similar to the Nails Inc Sprinkles range.

The formula was a little sheer, the glitter applied well and didn’t drag around, but I think one more coat would have been better. My pictures show 3 coats with no top coat.



Lyndsey 🙂

Pink Suede

I’m still loving all the textured effect polishes! The new Barry M Royal Glitter Collection is stunning, they look very similar to the OPI Liquid Sands, but for a lot cheaper! Pink Suede (very imaginative names from W7!) is a bright pink with silver shimmer, and dries to a matte suede effect. Like Aqua Suede, the formula was great, and I only needed two coats.

Pictures show two coats with no top coat.



W7 was available on Nail Polish Direct, and I have found you can still find them on their site if you google them, but they’re aren’t on the brand list, so I have no idea if they’re still actually selling them…

Lyndsey 🙂

Aqua Suede

It’s no secret that I love textured polish at the minute, and any blue polishes. I got a couple of W7 suede polishes from Nail Polish Direct a while ago, but unfortunately they no longer sell them.

Aqua Suede is a lovely light bright blue polish with a silver shimmer, which dries to a matte finish. It dried really quickly, and I only needed two coats. I love this colour!




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Lyndsey 🙂

Multi Dazzle

A while ago I discovered a stall at the Metro Centre selling a lot of cheap make up, and a lot of nail polish, mainly W7. I’ve only seen W7 polishes in one other place, Home Bargains (a discount store), and they’ve only ever had a couple of colours, so when I saw them at the Metro I picked up 3 bottles of glitter to try out. This is the first one I’ve tried. Multi Dazzle is multi coloured hex glitter, pink, blue, silver, red, green and gold, in two different sizes, suspended in clear polish and I’m wearing it over Models Own Snow White.

This was two coats of Multi Dazzle, with the odd bald patch filled in. It reminds me of all the fabulous polishes I’ve been seeing on Two Lacquered Girls recently!

Also, if you like Models Own, and haven’t yet taken advantage of their 50% off sale, I suggest you get there quick! I’m still trying (and failing) not to buy too many polishes, but I couldn’t resist 50% off! It also meant I could pick up a couple of early Christmas presents for friends too. The sale ends on October 2nd!

Lyndsey 🙂